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authorities. and to that featful day, for many the question was not theology, it was the law. >> we know this man was stockpiling weapons. >> reporter: they began surveillance and planted an undercover agent inside the group. armed with search and arrest warrants, agents decided to move in and take koresh but word had leaked out and made its way back to the compound. the branch devidians were waiting. it's not clear who fired first. >> we were half way into the location when they opened fire on us. >> they started firing at me. and so what happened was is that i fell back in the door and the bullets started coming through the door. some of the men started firing on them. then i started hollering, i was saying go away, there's women and children here, let's talk. >> the door was slammed on our face and we were immediately met by gunfire from numerous places. >> reporter: the gun battle that followed was chaotic and deadly. the fiercest fuselage continued without let up for 45 minutes. >> we were standing, we were having bullets were ricochets around us. a couple of feet from your own feet
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1